Soups & Salads

French Onion
Seasonal Soup
Cup $3 …….. Crock $5

Soup and Salad …….. $7
Cup of soup or chili with your choice of Garden or Caesar

Garden Salad …….. $5/$7
Caesar Salad ……… $5/$7

Taco Salad …….. $10
Taco shell bowl of mixed greens, Yaggi’s Cheddar, taco meat, black olives, jalapenos, salsa and sour cream

Baby Gavin Salad …….. $10/$12
Mixed greens, grilled chicken, tomato, bacon bits, red onion, almond slivers and crumbled bleu cheese tossed with oursweet raspberry Baby Gavin dressing

Southern Chicken Salad …….. $9/$11
Mixed greens, diced egg, tomato. Yaggi’s jack cheese, crispy chicken tenders and warm Honey Mustard

Sirloin Steak Salad …….. $11/$13
Mixed greens, red onion, tomato, Sirloin steak and seasoned fries all smothered with Hot Bacon dressing

Cobb Salad …….. $11/$13
Mixed greens, grilled chicken, tomato, red onion, bacon, Yaggi’s jack, crumbled bleu cheese and egg

Pear Walnut Salad …….. $11/$13
Mixed greens, grilled chicken, dried cranberries, red onion, tomatoes, candied walnuts, pears, crumbled bleu cheese and Balsamic vinaigrette

Italian Salad …….. $10/$12
Mixed greens, tomato, Mozzarella Pearls, pepperoni, salami, banana peppers, black olives, onion and Italian dressing

Spinach Feta Salad …….. $9/$11
Spinach, tomato, feta cheese, red onion, grilled chicken and Balsamic vinaigrette

Ranch, French, 1,000 Island, Bleu Cheese, Sweet & Sour, Fat Free Italian & Parmesan Peppercorn

Homemade Dressings
Honey Mustard, Raspberry Vinaigrette Italian, Balsamic, Creamy Hot Bacon & Baby Gavin


Sandwiches, Wraps & Burgers

All sandwiches, Burgers and Wraps served with Hand Cut Fries, Homemade Coleslaw or Applesauce
For $2 Sub:  Soup, Chili, Garden Salad, Sweet Fries, Onion Rings, Broccoli
Ala Carte Sides:  Garlic Mashed $3, Wild Rice $3, Mac and Cheese $4, Baked Potato $4, Potato ala Gavin $5
Sub chicken for any Burger

Steak Sausage Hoagie ……..$9
100% angus steak sausage, mushrooms and onions with Havarti butter cheese on a toasted hoagie roll

NY Style Reuben …….. $9
Grilled thin sliced corned beef and sauerkraut topped with swiss and 1000 island on grilled marbled rye

Italian Chicken Parmesan Sandwich …….. $8
Breaded Chicken breast fried and topped with marinara sauce and provolone cheese on a Brioche Bun

Beer Battered Cod Sandwich …….. $8
Hand dipped in beer batter, fried and served on a toasted Kaiser roll with lettuce, tomato and tartar

Grilled Italian …….. $8.99
Grilled pepperoni, salami, ham, red onion and italian dressing on grilled Italian herb bread

Grilled Chicken …….. $8.99
Sauced and grilled chicken topped with Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato and mayo on a grilled pretzel roll

Beer Battered Cod …….. $7.99
Hand dipped in our ho9memade beer batter, fried to golden brown and served on a Kaiser roll with lettuce, tomato and homemade tartar

Spinach and Feta …….. $8
Feta cheese, tomato, red onion and spinach on grilled Italian with Balsamic vinegar.  Add Chicken + $2

Parmesan-Ranch Chicken Sandwich …….. $9
Grilled chicken breast smothered with melted parmesan ranch sauce and served on a grilled Kaiser roll

Cuban …….. $10
Grilled chicken, shredded pork and ham topped with swiss cheese, pickle and spicy brown mustard on a grilled hoagie

Grilled Italian …….. $9
Grilled pepperoni, salami, ham and Yaggi’s jack cheese with lettuce, tomato, red onion and Italian dressing on a grilled Italian herb flatbread

Triple Decker Club …….. $9
Grilled ham, turkey and bacon with melted provolone cheese and lettuce, tomato and mayo on white toast

BBQ Pulled Pork …….. $8
Braised shredded BBQ Pork topped with Slaw on a toasted Brioche Bun

Buffalo Chicken Wrap …….. $7.99
Crunchy chicken, sweet hottie wing sauce, lettuce, celery bites and bleu cheese wrapped in a flour tortilla

Wrap It Up
Make any salad, burger or sandwich into a wrap

Roadhouse Burger …….. $10
Topped with fried bacon, Yaggi’s cheddar , BBQ sauce and crispy onion straws on a Kaiser Roll

Gavin’s Garlic Burger …….. $9
Topped with Yaggi’s Garlic cheese and garlic aoli, served on garlic toast

Classic Cheeseburger …….. $9
Served with your favorite cheese, lettuce, tomato, red onion and mayo on a pretzel roll

Spinach Feta Burger …….. $10
Spinach, tomato, onion and melted Feta cheese on a Brioche roll with Balsamic Mayo

Chicken Wrap …….. $8
Grilled or Crispy chicken, lettuce, tomato, Yaggi’s cheddar and ranch dressing wrapped up.  Add wing sauce to make it a Buffalo Wrap

Cheeseburger Wrap …….. $9
Grilled and chopped burger with Yaggi’s cheddar, lettuce, tomato, red onion and mayo

Veggie Wrap …….. $9
Grilled mushrooms, steamed broccoli, blend of cheeses, spinach, red onions, tomato, scallions and ranch dressing all in a tomato herb wrap.

Gluten Free wraps available upon request for no extra charge


Grilled Cheesez

Jumbo Grilled Cheese …….. $8
Melted american, hot pepper, Yaggi’s cheddar and jack cheese on grilled Italian bread

Buffalo Chicken Grilled Cheese …….. $9
Grilled chicken tossed in sweet hottie sauce with Yaggi’s jack and cheddar and crumbly blue cheese

California Grilled Cheese …….. $9
Roasted red peppers, artichoke hearts and grilled onion with Havarti and Yaggi’s jack cheese

Southwest Chicken Grilled Cheese …….. $9
Grilled chicken, swiss, Yaggi’s cheddar, bacon, mushrooms and southwest sauce



Gavin’s Quesadilla …….. $8
Blend of cheeses lightly spiced with tomatoes, red onions, mushrooms and scallions.  Add Chicken +$2 / Add Sirloin Steak +$4

Veggie Quesadilla …….. $10
Tomato and herb tortilla grilled with a blend of cheeses, grilled mushrooms, steamed broccoli, spinach, red onions, tomato and scallions with ranch and salsa

Pizza Quesadilla …….. $10
Grilled pepperoni, salami, banana peppers, mushrooms and a blend of cheeses in a crispy flour tortilla shell served with marinara sauce


Dinners (Available after 4 pm)
Chicken Con Broccoli …….. $12
Fettuccine topped with homemade Alfredo sauce, steamed broccoli, grilled chicken and garlic toast

Spinach Feta Chicken …….. $14
Grilled chicken topped with spinach, tomato, feta cheese and Cajun cream sauce with wild rice and broccoli

Broiled Cod …….. $14
Cod loin broiled with your choice of lemon pepper, cajun or old bay seasoning with wild rice and steamed broccoli

Cajun Orange Roughy Tacos …….. $13
2 Cajun broiled orange roughy tacos with cabbage, Yaggi’s jack, spicy tartar and homemade Pico de Gallo served with chips and salsa

Carnival Sausage …….. $11
Served over sausage Mezzaluna and tomato cream sauce

Smothered Chicken …….. $10
Grilled chicken breast smothered with mushrooms, onions and Havarti cheese served with steamed broccoli and garlic mashed potatoes

Grilled Chicken Marsala …….. $12
Grilled chicken topped Marsala mushroom sauce, served with wild rice and choice of salad

Certified Angus Beef (Available after 4 pm)

All steaks served with a garden or caesar salad and your choice of wild rice, seasoned fries, garlic mashed, baked potato, broccoli, or sweet potato fries

Sirloin Filet (8 oz.) – $15
New York Strip (10 oz.) – $19
Ribeye (12 oz.) – $22

Add to any steak:  Sauteed Onions $1, Sauteed Mushrooms $2, Parmesan Ranch $3, Bleu Cheese Crust $3 and Marsala Mushroom sauce $3
Steak temps:  RARE (cool red center), MED RARE (warm red center), MED (hot pink center), MED WELL (thin strip of pink center), WELL (no pink)
Steak Temps cannot be guaranteed for Carry out or To Go orders.  We will NOT guarantee the quality or appearance, or refund any steaks ordered will done


Starters (Appetizers)

Garlic Bread …….. $4
Cheesy Garlic Bread w/ Alfredo Sauce …….. $6
Fried Pickle Spears …….. $5
Sweet Potato Fries …….. $4
Seasoned Fry Basket ……..$4
Nacho Chips w/ Salsa or Cheese …….. $5
Mozzarella Sticks …….. $6
Jalapeno Cheese Balls …….. $5
Onion Ring Basket …….. $6
Pizza Bites …….. $6
Pretzel Bites …….. $6
Whole Dill Pickle …….. $2
Grilled Chicken Strips …….. $7


Shareables and Mini Meals

Loaded Fries …….. $7
Yaggi’s cheddar, bacon and ranch dressing

Loaded Nachos …….. $9
Black olives, jalapenos, nacho cheese, scallions, salsa, spicy taco meat with salsa and sour cream

Loaded Potato Skins …….. $8
Yaggis Cheddar, bacon bits, scallions and sour cream

Tri-Pepper Calamari …….. $8
Fried Calamari rings topped with our tri-pepper vinaigrette and served with garlic bread

Spinach and Artichoke Dip …….. $8
Spinach and artichoke hearts blended with a trio of cheese. Served with nacho chips and garlic bread

Sweet Chili Shrimp …….. $8
Lightly fried shrimp tossed in a sweet chili sauce and served on a bed of lettuce

Alfredo Chicken Parmesan Lasagna …….. $9
Breaded Chicken Parmesan layered up with Alfredo, Marinara and Provolone

Monster Meatball …….. $5
Giant homemade jumbo ball with marinara, provolone and garlic toast

Fried Baskets
Chicken $9, Fish $10, Shrimp $11
Fried in our homemade beer batter, served with fries and slaw

Wagyu Sliders …….. $9
2 Wagyu beef sliders with Havarti cheese, grilled onion and Parmesan basil mayo

Buffalo Chicken Pizza …….. $8
Flatbread pizza with grilled chicken, sweet hottie wing sauce, celery bites and bleu cheese

Chicken Alfredo Pizza …….. $8
Flatbread pizza topped with our own Alfredo sauce, grilled chicken and Yaggi’s jack cheese

Caprese Pizza …….. $8
Flatbread pizza with sliced tomato, fresh basil, Mozzarella pearls and Balsamic glaze

Meat Lovers Pizza …….. $9
Flatbread pizza with cheese, marina, salami, pepperoni and bacon

Veggie Pizza …….. $8
Flatbread pizza with broccoli, spinach, red onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, scallions and cheese

Boneless Wings …….. $9
Garlic, BBQ, Sweet Hottie or Locker Room Hot with fries, celery and Ranch or Blue cheese

Fried Sausage Mezzaluna …….. $7
Served with marinara

Pulled Pork Nachos …….. $10
Nacho chips topped with Nacho cheese, black beans & pulled pork and more.

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